Unit I Introduction Lesson
People and animals

Personas y animales
1. Meeting your new teacher
2. This is your school principal
3. What time do you have your English class?
  4. Roxane gets up at six o´clock
  5. My uncle is tall and thin
  6. What does your teacher look like?
  7. Can you drive a car?
  8. Elephants have big ears and black eyes  
  9. Whales are very intelligent
  10. What is your mother like?  
  11. I sometimes play soccer
12. How often do you go to the movies?
  13. Do you know seahorses?  
  14. Learn about koalas
  15. Do animals have routines?
  16. What can animals do?
  17. Have you heard about white lions?;
  19. My favorite athlete is Ana Guevara ;
  20. What animals do you like?
  23. Who is it?
Unit II Lesson
Health and the body

Salud y el cuerpo
1. My head, my arms and my legs
2. Is she feeling ok?
3. Do you feel sick?
  4. What´s the matter?
  5. You should stay in bed
  6. You shouldn´t go to bed late
  7. Mini Check
  8. Take some pills
  9. I would go to the dentist
  10. I wouldn´t use toothpicks
  11. A visit to the dentist
  12. Why don’t you go to the nutritionist?
  13. You´d better change your eating habits
  14. Drink a cup of tea
  15. I have mumps
  16. Mini Check
  21. Review

Unit III Lesson Activities Listen Download
Shopping and Clothes

Compras y ropa
1. Look at this catalogue
2. The jacket is comfortable
3. That red T-shirt is nice
  4. This green shirt is cool
  5. A laptop computer is practical
  6. Barbara is sporting a pair of modern earrings
  7. Mini Check
  8. The pink dress is nicer than the red one
  9. The red dress is ugly, but the green dress is uglier
10. Mathematics is more interesting
  11. Which apartament is bigger?
  12. The brown shoes are more comfortable than the black ones
  13. Practicing a sport is healthier
  14. My English homework
  15. Mini Check
  16. Which is the smallest state in Mexico?
  17. Mexico is the most beautiful place in the world
  18. The Rocker Band is the best
  19. Can I help you?
  20. Can you help me?

Unit IV Lesson Activities Listen Download
House and home

Casa y hogar
1. My house
2. Look at this bedroom
3. There is a cake in the oven
  4. There are my favorite jeans
  5. There aren´t any tissues in the bathroom
  6. There´s a lamp on the night table
  7. Mini Check
  8. Where is the lemonade?
  9. Is there an apartment for rent?
  10. Are there nine floors in the building?
  11. This apartment is nicer
12. The Zaragoza apartment is bigger than the Hidalgo Ave. apartment
  13. The white sofa is more expensive
  14. Mini Check
  20. Review Part One
  21. Review Part Two

Unit V Lesson Activities Listen Download
Past Time

Tiempo pasado
1. A new student
2. I went to visit my grandmother
3. When I was a child
  4. Could you read well when you were ten?
  5. I couldn´t use a computer
  6. Mini Check
7. We visited Veracruz
  8. We visited the zoo
  9. The legend of two volcanoes
  10. My diary
  11. Last weekend I went to the movies
  15. I didn´t clean my bedroom
  16. Did you study for the math exam?
  17. Did you iron your uniform?
  18. Mini Check
  19. Read about an important person
  20. Where did you go last weekend?
  21. Who was the last Aztec emperor?
  22. Tlaloc, the rain god
  29. Review
  30. Review