Unit I Introduction
Classroom Language - Lenguaje en el salón de clases
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1. Hello! Goodbye!
2. How do you spell it?
3. How old are you?
4. Sit down!
5. When´s your birthday?
6. What´s the meaning of sharpener
Unit I
Personal Identification - Idetificación personal
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1. At a party
2. Her name is Azucena
3. My father is a mechanic
4. I´m a student
5. What do you do?
6. Are you a student?
7. My school ID card
8. Where do you live?
9. I live in a small town
10. David is a soccer player
11. At the archaeological site
12. Where are you from?
13. Are you from Brazil?
14. A creature from the space
15. Nationality means nacionalidad
16. What about your brother or sister?
17. Send me an e-mail

Unit II
Action in progress - Acciones en progreso
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1. Sending an e-mail
2. This is Samuel´s sweater
3. Whose are these shorts?
4. That is my favorite jacket
5. These blue jeans are comfortable
6. Are these your sunglasses?
7. Mini Check
8. Looking for Arturo
9. Speaking on the phone
10. Getting ready to the party
11. Enjoying a party
12. What´s happening at the party?
13. A day in Acapulco
14.Mini Check
22. Review
23. Review
24. Review

Unit III
Hobbies, leissure and sport - Pasatiempos, tiempo libre y deporte
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1. I like playing videogames
2. I like to ride my bike
3. I like movies
4. I love soccer
5. My mother likes going to the movies
6. Mini Check
7. Do you like tennis?
8. Does your father like soccer?
9. Does she like cooking?
10. I like vegetables and fruits
11. David loves comics
12. Mini Check
13. Would you like to go to a party?
14. Why don’t we go to the movies?
15. Let’s eat Mexican food
16. Shall we go to a rock concert?
17. Would you like to see a movies       today?
18. No, thanks I hate horror movies
21. Review

Unit IV
Daily life - Vida diaria
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1. Long distance call
2. It´s quarter past eight
3. What time is it?
4. What time does the next bus leave?
5. I start at 8 o´clock in the morning
6. I wake up at 11:30 am on Saturdays
7. Mini Check
8. Jessica gets up at 6 o´clock
9. Jessica loves basketball
10. He studies in Queens University
11. Does he wake up at half past five?
12. Romina doesn´t have a sister
13. I visit the dentist twice a year
14. Mini Check
15. How often do you have English class?
16. Today is my birthday
17. Does she usually have breakfast at 8 o´clock?
18. Are you healthy?
19. Sending an e-mail
20. Crocodiles are endangered species
21. Elephants live in Africa
22. Do Bengal tigers live in the forest?
23. Where do grey whales travel in the winter?
24. Mini Check

Unit V
Places and buildings - Lugares y edificios
Lesson Activities Download
1. Welcome to Puebla
2. I´am locking for a greengrocer
3. A brochure with interesting places
4. Is there a bank near here?
5. Where is the bank?
6. This is a map of my town
7. Mini Check
8. The park is on Allende Street
9. Look at the map
10. Go straight, turn left, turn right
11. Welcome to my school
12. How can I get to the gas station?
13. How can I get to the Palace of Fine Arts?
14. Mini Check
15. How can I get to your house?
21. Review